Festive Tropical Wedding by Wedding Polynesia

This exuberant tropical  beach wedding, complete with fire dancers, comes to us from Virginie Wis of Wedding Polynesia! Here’s Virginie to tell us more:

The bride’s coming from Santa Barbara to get married in Moorea with 8 guests, her daughter and her fiancé. In frist, she had the idea to get married in a hotel but when she contact me for photos of the wedding and after few exchange, I realize getting married on a hotel was not a good idea for her! She already rent a private home so her idea was to go to a resort for the wedding only but she loves make party and have fun! And I know wedding package on hotel is not really the place where you can be alone with your guests, put the music on til late and have authentic vision of Polynesia.

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So I proposed her a wedding on their location!:) And she was in love with the idea! She didn’t know it was possible! I organize the dancing crew coming, decoration, catering, and photos of course. The dancing crew propose a beautiful way to get married between ceremony and emotion / dance and fun! They stay for the evening too with fire dance and dance with guests! It was a perfect wedding with a so happy bride! It was authentic, different, beachy, private, fun.

If you choose to get married with the authentic Polynesian touch you will have lot of emotion! The groom’s coming from the sea on the canoe and the bride patiently’s waiting for him on the beach with dancers around here. When he arrives on the beach, the music of the ukuleles and songs become faster and dancers invites to sit our soon married couple. The Polynesian priest will explain the sense of an union and will give to bride and groom a vegetal bracelet makes with Polynesian leaves names Auti. He will takes their hand and put some water of a fresh coconut as benediction. Couple are married!

Everybody dance and sing! One of the dancer wrapped them on a “tifaifai” the name of the cover. It symbolize the union of two souls, two hearts forver, they become one! The little daughter comes during this moment:) And after this emotional moment and vows pronounce, place to the show, dance, joy, sharing! Everybody can come and enjoy, in first friends are little bit shy but after one dance everybody were dancing on the sand together! The fire dancing is a tradition in Polynesian and it was very impressive for guests! Just after to have a nice meals making by a catering, they can enjoy it and continue to dance with Polynesian, languages is not important only joy and life is important here!

Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you Virginie for sharing! For more information about Wedding Polynesia, please visit their WeddingLovely Vendor Guide profile or head straight to their website.

What do you think of today’s real wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

Wedding Planner : Wedding Polynesia

Photographer : SV Photograph

Dancers : Tamarii Papetoai

Officiant : Tamarii Papetoai

Caterer : Moz Café

Venue : Maeva Tiahura Private Beach Villas

Jewelry: KD Designs and SAB Pearls of Moorea

Wedding Rings: George Sawyer

This post Festive Tropical Wedding by Wedding Polynesia originally appeared on WeddingLovely Blog.


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