Chic Manhattan Engagement

This stylish, urban engagement shoot comes to us from Bryan Sargent Photography, based in New York, New York! Here’s Bryan to tell us more:

Marie and Pat wanted to really highlight different aspects of New York City for their engagement session. We started at the top… Top of the Rock, looking over all of Manhattan. Then it was up to Shakespeare Garden in Central Park to take advantage of the lovely flowers in bloom. Then it was south through the park, eventually coming across a man from Central Park Bubbles. After a little donation and some quick planning, we got some incredible shots through the massive bubbles. We ended the session back in their neighborhood downtown and at the place where these two lovebirds first met, Von Bar.

See more after the cut!

McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC1917_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC1956_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC2090_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC2184_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC2602_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC2663_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC2898_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC2925_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC24912_low McDonald_Ciampi_Bryan_Sargent_Photography_DSC27732_low

Congratulations Marie & Pat and thank you Bryan for sharing! For more information about Bryan Sargent Photography, please visit his website.

What do you think of today’s real engagement shoot? Let us know in the comments below!

This post Chic Manhattan Engagement originally appeared on WeddingLovely Blog.


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