(WARNING) Last Chance to Understand Men and Find Love!

Last Chance to Understand Men and Find Love

I sent you a quiz to see if you were carrying yourself with confidence around men.

I sent you two long videos providing answers to some of the most important questions.

I shared stories of Jules, Stacie, Zoe and Mattie, who took this same advice I’m about to share and turned it into love.

I sent you emails letting you know about tomorrow’s webinar, “How You Can Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Men and Finally Choose Your Husband.”

Nearly 2000 women have already said yes and will be joining me to learn three tips to be confident with men in all dating situations as well as:

The ONE way to determine if a man is WRONG for you.

The ONE way to determine if a man is RIGHT for you.

This is priceless stuff that I’m giving you for free, and if you haven’t registered to see me on Monday night, I just have to ask: what are you waiting for?

You’re on my mailing list because you want to understand men and find love.

You’re on my mailing list because you’re sick of the pain, confusion and wasted time that comes with dating the wrong men.

I’m going to help you correct it, once and for all.

No more getting used by charismatic charmers.

No more turning a blind eye to angry and abusive men.

No more making excuses for emotionally unavailable commitmentphobes.

Tomorrow, December 14th, at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern, I am going to help you find and marry a man who is devoted to making your life better every day.

I must warn you, there’s only room for 2000 people in the webinar, so register now to ensure you don’t miss out on the free online event of the year.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


P.S. There is some priceless information about confidence that I’m giving to you for free that will forever change the way men see you and you see yourself.

Stacie started began following my advice not long ago – and has been greatly rewarded for her choice.

Evan, I am a relatively new reader to your blog but it has become my bible. After my divorce two years ago, I found myself lost, lonely, and with very little experience when it came to dating. I am a psychologist and know plenty about human behavior, but I never realized how very little I knew when it came to understanding men! Dating is a skill, and one that I was sorely lacking.

I read “Why He Disappeared” and I follow your website and Facebook page religiously. I cannot emphasize enough how much your advice changed my approach to dating and relationships, and how greatly it increased my success. I have always struggled in relationships – I am very insecure, anxious, and needy – but with your help I began to change longstanding patterns and trust that you would help me land a wonderful guy.

Each time a man failed me or disappeared, I would feel despair, but I brushed myself off and got back out there. And then I met Grant. He was not the kind of man I’d typically choose, but I was following your advice to cast a broader net. I have long been attracted to alpha males in uniform (classic, right?) – my ex-husband was in the military and was the alpha “uber alles,” and I wanted that again. But after a string of failed relationships with emotionally unavailable military men, firefighters, and police officers, I realized that *they* didn’t have to change…I did.

Grant is a physics teacher (no uniform, just khaki pants!). He’s college-educated, smart, funny, nerdy, and a little socially awkward, which I find endearing. Since I am a social scientist, we bond over jokes about dinosaurs and statistics! He has planned numerous elaborate and fun dates for us. I love the time I spend with him. Above all, he is emotionally stable, consistent, physically affectionate, has no baggage, and he tolerates my quirks and has done everything I’ve asked of him. I can tell he’s an introvert and a bit of a loner, and yet he makes time to talk to me every day and – although we live almost an hour apart – to see me twice a week. He is not verbally effusive, which I expected given that he’s a math guy, but I can tell that he cares by his actions. When we are together he makes me feel like the only girl on earth. We have only been together two months but we are “official,” and I am excited to see where this relationship takes us. But I also know that, should things fall apart, I have the confidence and skills to get back out there and take another shot.

This has not been an easy journey for me; my emotional needs are challenging even for the most devoted partner, and for years I thought my ex-husband was the only man who would ever be able to manage me. Now, I have worked incredibly hard to manage myself, so that I can allow my best self to shine through in a relationship. My confidence and self-esteem have grown, and I frequently find myself sharing your advice with friends who are also single and despairing that there are “no good men” out there! I felt the same way, but once I committed to prioritizing my love life and putting in the effort, I found that a happy, healthy relationship with a wonderful guy is possible.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!

Stacie W.

So, please, reserve 90 minutes to join me tomorrow and break your cycle of bad men, once and for all. At the end of the call, I’m hosting a live Q&A and giving you the opportunity to learn about enrolling in the new and improved Love U.

Congratulations, you’re on your way to happiness!

Register for the webinar here and secure your spot before they’re gone.

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